Why the ‘Bulge’

A graphic view of why the desperate German Ardennes offensive (Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein) is known more popularly, at least in the U.S., as the “Battle of the Bulge.” The map shows the limit of the German offensive, Dec. 1944, illustrating at least 28 identified German Wehrmacht (Heer) and Waffen-SS divisions as well as two separate brigade groups trying to wedge the line between the U.S. Ninth and First Army, and the British 30 Corps and U.S. Third Army.

Via War Department. The Adjutant General’s Office. 3/4/1907-9/18/1947, National Archives Identifier: 100384371

Full-size 7360×5830 map, here.

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  • just sayin' Ma...

    WW2 War Correspondent Larry Newman working for both the United Press International and International News Service, coined the wording as the “Bulge” on 30 December 1944…

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