Why ‘The Beast’ is one of the best tank films ever made

Sure, the acting was hokey and the chest-thumping of how noble the Mujahadeen were during the Soviet invasion hits a little different after the NATO Afghanistan fiasco, but you have to admit that how the tank was used in the 1988 film The Beast is one of the most accurate tank films to date.

That’s because several Israeli Ti-67s, captured Egyptian T-55s rebuilt with Detroit Diesel 8V-71T engines and American 105mm guns, were used in the filming, and Capt. Dale Dye, the movie’s technical advisor, was able to get some IDF tank crews as well.

The folks at Battlefield Vegas cover the film in detail.

The guy in the top video is Scott Rickard of BV’s Heavy Hitters program, which includes everything from a working M61 20mm Vulcan cannon, an M60A1 tank and her 105mm main gun, and an active 152mm D-20 howitzer. They just put the finishing touches on a Russian T-62 as well. We hung out with Scott and the gang a while back, so if you are curious, check out the below as well.

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