Dare Devil Aces over Broadway, 1937

This amazing circa 1937 painting recently showed up in one of the aviation groups I follow.

Painted by pulp aviation master Frederick Blakeslee, it depicts a fictional air battle over Manhattan and shows a great range of pre-WWII fighters and bombers including Japanese Mitsubishi Army Type 93 Ki-1-I/ Ki-1-II heavy bombers and Nakajima Army Type 91 fighters ranged against intercepting U.S. Army Air Corps Boeing P-12/F4B and Curtiss BF2C-1 Goshawk (Model 67) pursuit fighters and British Hawker Fury/Nimrod fighters.

As I pointed out in the group, the painting served as the cover art for the April 1937 “Dare Devil Aces” comic, basically the kinda stuff “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” was based on.

They had some great covers, many of which were done by Blakeslee.

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