Snipers, up, eh

80 years ago today: An unidentified infantryman of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, who is armed with an Enfield P14 sniper rifle and scope, taking part in a sniping-stalking-camouflage training course, England, 23 April 1943.

Note the skrim and balaclava. Library and Archives Canada, MIKAN 3596209

Another image from the same day. Much more skrim and balaclavas.

Of course, the Canadians had a rich sniper history going back to the Great War, and continue to have one to this day.

One of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division’s more storied regiments was the Montreal-based Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada.

Below, if you have time to kill (see what I did there?), a great little doc on the Black Watch snipers in WWII, including interviews with four of the gentlemen on the sharp end. 

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