Swimming with the Manta

This understated Tisas 1911, which sports an Ed Brown Bobtail to minimize printing – and maximize comfort – when carrying concealed, has proved smooth and dependable in testing.

We’re talking about the Manta.

I’ve been kicking around one for the past couple of months, wearing it both IWB and OWB, and putting well over 500 rounds through one.

One favorite minimalist OWB carry was the always popular Galco Yaqui Slide, paired with a bamboo Boker Burnley Kwaiken. When carried with a spare mag in N8 Tactical’s new Magna-Clip carrier, you had 17 rounds of Speer Gold Dot at the ready.

A more deep carry concealment setup was a Bianchi Leather Model 100 Professional IWB holster with a high back. An extra mag in a Crossbreed Confidant, which can be carried IWB as well, makes a good companion as does a fixed blade.

Does the cut make a difference when it comes to carry? The smoothed extended beavertail grip safety, coupled with the rounded hammer, keeps from digging into the side while sitting and moving, as does the Bobtail.

As someone who has carried lots of standard Government profile 1911s over the years, I can vouch that it is more comfortable. Plus, with the trailing edge of the rear grip effectively rounded off, you print less with a cover garment.

The full review in my column at Guns.com.


  • William Gilmore

    Excellent review on the Manta. Two questions. N8 tactical is not showing the clip magazine carrier on their site, Is it New? Also what is the fixed blade knive , it’s a beautiful handle.

    • N8 tactical had sent that to me a bit ago and I really like it. It is great for pocket carry as it is slim and works with just about any metal-bodied mag. I believe they are listing it on their website starting this coming week (May 22). On the knife, it was made by an old friend of mine, a French custom knife maker named Yves Naert
      https://www.aufildelalame.fr/ He made it for me as a gift probably 20 years ago and it has held up amazingly well. I carry it often.

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