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War Graffiti, .50 cal Edition

I’ve talked about the effort by Tooele Army Depot to demil some 7 million rounds of WWII-era .50 cal BMG-– much of it from the nearby Ogaden Arsenal– in the past weeks. Well, the TEAD guys just recently found this message scrawled at the bottom of one of the crates in what looks like black crayon, probably by a patriotic ordnance worker back during the big push on Berlin.

“May the contents of this box blow the shit out of Hitler.” This lot, DM 21170, was made in Iowa at the Des Moines Ordnance Plant (DMOP) which produced nearly four billion . 30 and . 50 caliber bullets from Jan. 1942 through July 1945.

While most of these 80-year-old now-surplus wooden crates are being destroyed, TAD says they will be keeping this gem of war effort salt and putting it in the base museum.

Fans of Old Ammo Crates Cry out in Pain

Utah’s Tooele Army Depot, which inherited hundreds of igloos of WWII-surplus war materiel when Uncle Sam closed the nearby Ogden Arsenal in 1955, had been weeding out some of the really old stuff lately. This included demilling and scrapping over a million rounds of leftover .50 cal BMG rounds a year.

Big oof.

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