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Ruger’s oft-Forgotten Budget Falling Block (and Anti-Tank Weapon Trainer)

For 13 years, Ruger produced an inexpensive yet elegantly simple falling-block single-shot rifle, the Ruger No. 3.

Based on the company’s more aristocratic No. 1 under-lever John Farquharson-style single-shot rifle, except in a simpler “American” design that evoked memories of the old Sharps series from the late 19th century, the No. 3 was introduced in 1973.

The Ruger No. 1

Vs the Ruger No. 3

Besides its production as an inexpensive and utterly reliable single-shot chambered in .22 Hornet, .30-40 Krag, .45-70 Govt., .223 Rem., .44 Mag., and .375 Winchester, the Ruger No. 3 was also a part of General Dynamics’ Viper tank buster.

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Foldy Minis

For those who loved the old-school looks of the folding stocked Ruger-14, but found the $1K cost of hard-to-find O.E. stocks way over the top, New Hampshire-based Samson has finally come through.

You can almost hear, “In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit…” in the background.

Of course, they are still $279, but the new stocks are made in conjunction with Ruger– even drawing from the gunmaker’s in-house supply of walnut– and are reportedly a better product than the original.

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