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Sig P229, a Retrospective

Cutting edge when introduced, the Sig Sauer P229 was foisted on me in 2005 and, after we learned to get along, has grown to become a favorite.

That was the year Hurricane Katrina sucker-punched the Gulf Coast and left my then-profession with Ma Bell somewhat on the ropes. Dusting off my firearms trainer certs, I soon took a gig with a Department of Homeland Security contractor to train guards working the myriad of FEMA sites that sprang up like mushrooms. Intending this to be a temp job until I moved back into telecom, I wound up with the company for almost a decade, running courses all over the country on a variety of different contracts. Long story short, I stood on the range and watched well over 100,000 rounds of ammo burned through four pallets of Sigs in very short order.

And I still have a couple P229s from that era around today.

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To DAK or not to DAK, that is the question

One of the choices offered to the discerning Sig Sauer pistol owner for the past several years has been the ubiquitous Double Action Kellerman, or DAK system. The thing is, many have no idea what it is, why it is, or what it does. With that being said, let’s look at the good old DAK and see what questions we can answer.

Around 2004 SIG perfected a trigger system that was the design of one Harald Kellermann of Eckernförde, Germany, home to J.P. Sauer, the Teutonic home away from home of the Swiss-based company. This trigger system, to put it country simple, is like that of a double action only revolver, but with a few changes. When you pull it, the company’s specs advise that you get a full-time and constant 6.5-pound trigger squeeze and two reset points, one short, and one full-length. This allows the shooter to grow accustomed to the same trigger squeeze each time such as on a striker-fired gun like a Glock or X  D without sacrificing the benefits of a hammer-fired gun.

But why would you want it? Read the rest in my column at University of Guns

Two SIG P229R pistols. the top is a DAK trigger model, while the bottom is a DA/SA model.

Two SIG P229R pistols. the top is a DAK trigger model, while the bottom is a DA/SA model.