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Pardon me, is that a Wiener Waffenfabrik in Your Pocket?

Before there was the Walther PP, Sauer 38, or Mauser HSc, an obscure Bohemian Czech gun designer by the name of Alois Tomiska– Tom to his friends, or so goes the story– crafted a curious little vest pocket .25 ACP that was, importantly, double action, a first for the time.

Meet the Wiener Waffenfabrik Little Tom.

Brass magazine that is inserted through the top? Czech!

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One must follow zee rules, ja?

Those damned orderly Germans. A kid walking along the beach in Schleswig-Holstein after a storm last week stumbled upon something interesting in the sand– a box of 30 former Wehrmacht handguns ranging from P-38s to Astras and at least one Browning Hi-Power. So of course, he called it in and the local Kripo came by to dutifully cart them off for destruction.

But he did get some snaps of them before that occurred.

Honestly, the can they were in was likely sealed until very recently judging from the low level of corrosion.

More in my column at Guns.com

German Infantry Weapons of World War Two

Ian at Forgotten Firearms has posted a great 55-mb 200-page pamphlet on German Infantry Weapons of WW2 that  includes descriptions and information on hand grenades, ammo, and antitank weapons. There are some guns in here that you might not have seen much information on, like the PzB-39 anti-tank rifle, all the way up to small and large artillery.

Its good stuff