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Just 95 Pfennigs per Week– and all the Bombs you can Catch!

This great image shows a Kratzchen-wearing German Lanser in a set of exceptionally well-prepared trenches during the Great War, triumphantly holding some sort of unexploded ordnance as the rest of his company– probably wisely– stands a few paces to the side.

Imperial War Museum image Q 88134, likely a German image captured post-war and archives

Scrolled on the dugout behind the circa 1917 EOD guy is “Rent 95 pfennigs per week” while the ordnance has been variously attributed as a French Mortier (crapouillot) de 58 T N°1 bis while the IWM calls it “an unexploded aircraft bomb which had just been dropped.” As there seems to be a stack of soft evergreen boughs close at hand, perhaps they shielded its fall.