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The Zero-Gravity Zone

The below short shows the Type 23 (Duke-class) frigate HMS Westminster (F237) going after it in heavy seas, with a great view of her new MDBA CAMM/Sea Ceptor battery.

The 4,900-ton FFG has been on HMs naval list since 1992 and in her career has shown up in a Bond film (not one of the good ones), and been involved in the Persian Gulf, off Libya, and the HOA. She recently saved the life of father and son from the capsized fishing boat Ocean Echo in Weymouth Bay, racing through high seas to pluck the two out of the drink.

All in a day’s work.

A Cod…Peace

This great shot taken from an 814 Naval Air Squadron Merlin shows the Type 23 (Duke)-class frigate HMS Westminster (F237), the Icelandic Coast Guard ship Thor, and Westminster’s sister, HMS Kent (F78), operating together during the opening phase of NATO Exercise Dynamic Mongoose off Iceland earlier this month. Unseen are three NATO submarines who are the OPFOR.

LPhot Dan Rosenbaum, HMS Kent

Of course, the Royal Navy and Icelandic Coast Guard may have been NATO allies since 1949, but that doesn’t mean they were friends by any accord.

Perhaps, you recall the Cod Wars?