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Proven handguns for tough times

While your best and most effective bet in the majority of hairy self-defense scenarios (barring something laser-guided or belt-fed) is a rifle– preferably a few different ones in a range of calibers– in a pinch a handgun is better than verbal judo, a pointy stick, or the lid off a can of sardines. With that in mind, I made a list centered on pistols and revolvers that are 1) modern, 2) accept common ammunition, 3) have spare parts that are readily available, 4) proven, 5) are simple to manipulate, and 6) easy to maintain.

Sure, each of these has their haters, but most importantly each type has a huge crowd of fans and users that have kept them in regular production for decades.

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SIG is bringing the P-225 back from the dead– with a twist

One of the most elegant slim line all-metal 9mm handguns of the last quarter of the 20th Century was the Sig Sauer P-225. While the gun was only ever imported into the U.S. in small numbers– and most of that former German police sidearms– it is now, with 9mm caliber offerings all the rage, apparently making a comeback.

Basic design

Introduced in 1975 as a more compact version of the P220 with a push button magazine release (except in Switzerland.) They were very popular with Swiss, Swedish, Canadian and UK (yes some of them carry guns) police forces. The Swiss designed P225 was manufactured in Europe only and as such, you will find that all three main sections, the slide, frame, and barrel, are serial numbered.

When various West German police forces began purchasing a slightly modified P225 as the P6 variant in 1978, they became the largest user of the design and the only user of the P6 variant. J. P. Sauer & Sohn made all P6s in Eckenförde Germany where the P225 remained in very limited production up until about 2011.

The P6/P225 is a double-action, recoil-operated pistol. It has a single stack eight round magazine. Its barrel length is 3.9 inches and overall length is 7.1 inches. Using an alloy frame and a steel slide like most SIG P-series pistols, the P6 weighs in at 25.9 ounces. The difference between the P225 and the P6 is in the weight of the trigger pull (28-pounds!, whereas the standard 225 is 10 lbs./4.5 lbs. DA/SA) and in the funky hooked hammer. In addition, pre-June 1989 made P6s have a steeper feed ramp that often will not feed larger (over 124-grain) 9mm JHP rounds reliably.

The P6

The Sig Sauer P6 is the then-West German Federal Police derivative of the Swiss SIG P225 handgun used until about 2005, at which point some 40,000 surplus guns were sold to importers in the U.S. and proved extremely collectable.

p6 note hammer

This now nearly three-decades-old P6 lived a good 15 year life in a West German police armory before I got my hands on it and upgraded her with night sights and a new set of springs. Since 2005 she has gobbled up about 10,000 rounds on the range in my hands and still is hanging strong.

According to West German police code, the funny looking hook is a Deformationssporn, which means, “deformation spur.” This was a requirement of the West German Police for all their pistols, regardless of manufacturer, to alert police armorers if the pistol was dropped on its hammer.

basic disassembly p6
Magazines are a bone of contention for many P6 owners. Old surplus former German police Sauer-made steel magazines are around but run in excess of $35 apiece. Marked “P6” and having characteristic zipper backs, they are quality hard-wearing magazines. They have steel floor plates and followers and with the possible exception of having the spring replaced over time, should last forever. New production Sig Arms factory replacement magazines made OE by Mec-Gar in Italy were available on the company’s website for around $50 until recently.

But hopefully that is all about to change because…

The 225 is coming back!


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The forgotten SIG: The P6 Polizei Special

If you are a Sig Sauer fan, odds are you have had a P226, P220, and P229 pass through your hands over the years (or want to). However, there is another SIG out there, a stylish little single-stack 9-milly that you may not have heard of or seen too much from. We give you the P225/P6.

In the 1970s the West German police forces (Polizei) were looking to retire their P1 (Walther P-38), P2 (Swiss SIG P-210), and P3 (Astra 600) pistols with a new model guns that were more modern and offered several things. The Polizei wanted a 9x19mm Luger chambered DA/SA pistol with an 8-shot magazine, and the capability to de-cock the hammer with the use of a safety/decock lever. This led to the P4 (a Walther P-38 with decocker– that’s original), the Walther P-5, the HK P7, and, oh yeah, the SIG P6/P225…

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