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Top of the Line, in 1978 Deep Carry

Today there is no shortage of compact, sub-compact, and even micro-compact 9mm handguns that are designed to be small enough for pocket or ankle carry. However, in the early 1970s about the best you could get in that size, barring a manually-cycled Semmerling LM4, was a .25ACP mouse gun like a Colt Junior or Browning Baby or a J-frame/Dick Special.

Then came the OMC/AMT Back Up.

I have to admit, I pocket carried this bad boy for years…

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Or are you happy to see me?

One of the oldest forms of walking around with a concealed handgun, the practice of pocket carry has been around for centuries and is still alive and well today but needs a few tricks to pull off properly.

While owning a gun isn’t for everyone, the prospect of carrying a gun when outside of the home is for an even smaller subset of the population. Keeping with that mantra, toting around a gun in your pocket is really not for everyone. Some will advocate against it, full stop, while others have successfully used the method for years and it is their primary method of carrying.

I weigh the good with the bad, in my column at Guns.com.

Never trifle with a man who wears a purple coat with holes in the pockets

James with TFB TV plays some pocket pool with the use of a tiny purple coat and a Ruger LCRx (with an external hammer) and a Kel-Tec P3AT to see if it is a realistic option for self-defense.

Taking the idea of a “pocket pistol” to the extreme, he tries to see if the concept of firing *through* a jacket pocket if needed is really a thing.

With a revolver, it’s a reasonable prospect, but hoping that the slide of a semi-auto will cycle inside a tight space is wishful thinking. Especially with the women’s medium coat that James is going to war with.

One thing not broached when dealing with pocket carry sans holster is the aspect that you are never really sure where the muzzle is until you reach into said pocket– and the trigger well is open to random key chains, pocket change, and boogers, so there is that.

On the bright side, at least the gun didn’t catch on fire. I did a similar thing with a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44SPL several years ago and wound up having to stop, drop and roll.

My 15.9-ounce Ruger LCP pocket carry kit

Depending on what I wear and what’s on the agenda for any given day dictates how and what I carry for a self-defense gun. On the occasion that calls for it, my pocket carry set up gives me 15-shots of dependable protection that comes in at (just) under a pound including the gun, holster, mags, and rounds.

lcp pocket carry

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A Tale of Two Mouse Guns: The LCP vs the Beretta Mini Pistols

No matter how big they make em, there is still a group of gun owners that like to shrink thinks on down to size. Pocket size that is. And with that in mind, we are looking at a pair of some of the most popular super concealable handguns on the market: the Beretta pocket series and the Ruger LCP. Let’s see who comes out on top.

lcp beretta
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