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Ruger’s Triple Roll of Double Sixes

Introduced first with the square-butt Security Six in 1972 and soon followed by the Police Service Six and rounded-butt Speed Six, these guns were born from what the Connecticut-based firearms maker described in their marketing ads of the day as the product of “Ruger engineers who started with a fresh sheet of paper and an unlimited budget!” in a move to ditch what was characterized as outmoded and obsolete designs and manufacturing methods.

By 1985, more than a million had been produced, making the company’s first commercially-available double-action revolver a success.

And if you have ever held one, you can tell why.

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The lost Indian .380 Ruger Wheelguns

Between 1973 and 1988, Ruger’s best-selling double action revolver series was built around the Speed Six and Security Six model wheel guns. The company made these for military, police, and security forces around the world as well as for private sales for home defense and sporting purposes.

Well old Bill Ruger was well known to make special runs of guns for customers who would buy 500 or more of a particular semi-custom model. This led to a 2.75-inch barrel Speed Six made for the US Postal Inspectors and a run of stainless .38SPL Security Sixes for the California Highway Patrol.

And one of the most interesting and seldom seen of these special runs was one for India…in .380/200 Rimmed.

indian police mumbai 2008

You gotta love the Trigger D on this Mumbai city cop…and look at that hard serving Ruger Security Six.

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The Ruger Service Six Series: Wheelgun Muscle, 70s style

Let’s take a time trip back to 1972. Roberta Flack and Don Mclean are on the radio, The Godfather has just been released, a gallon of gas (leaded) cost 36-cents, and almost every cop in the land carries a revolver. It was in this climate that Bill Ruger decided to introduce a line of solid-frame double action revolvers. These guns would go down in history as the Ruger ‘Six’ series.

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