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A Carry 22?

Taurus introduced its newest, most carry-friendly, rimfire pistol earlier this year, and it aims to be both feature-rich and easy on the wallet.

The new TX22 Compact looks to be the hat trick in Taurus’s .22 LR handgun lineup, coming on the heels of the well-received standard and Competition-sized models. Unlike the other formats of the TX22, the new Compact runs a 13+1 round magazine and not the more commonly-used 16+1.

Developed as a handier version of its older brothers, it features a 3.6-inch alloy steel barrel that gives it an overall length of just 6.7 inches. In terms of dimensions, this puts it about the same size as a Glock 43 or Walther PPK but, at just 16.5 ounces, it comes in lighter than either.

This thing is pretty handy…and comes in at 16 ounces as shown.

Note that I compared it not to range plinkers but to carry guns. That’s because of the vibe that the TX22 Compact gives off. Unlike the rest of the TX22 series, which uses a three-dot sight system with a fixed front and two-way adjustable rear, the new TX22 Compact has a blacked-out serrated rear sight with a white dot front. Of note, this is the same sight used on the Taurus G3 series, which goes to say it is a standard Glock pattern. While no slouch on the range, the TX22 Compact was meant to be carried if needed.

While it may not be my particular cup of tea, there has been a move in recent years to produce dedicated self-defense .22LR ammo loads from Federal (Punch Personal Defense) and Winchester (Silvertip Rimfire) that give such guns more of a fighting chance. Plus, when it comes to both recoil and manipulation, those with low hand strength may find such a set-up ideal.

Moreover, and I love this, the TX22 is both suppressor and optics-ready, which is something tough to find in its size with a 13+1 round capacity for $350ish.

As shown, the dot-and-can-equipped TX22 Compact weighs just 20.8 ounces, loaded with 14 rounds of Federal Premium’s Punch Personal Defense rimfire ammo.

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Yes, SiCo is still in the new suppressor biz

Ten years ago, Utah-based SilencerCo jumped out of nowhere and began making some of the best cans on the market. In 2014, they broke the mold with the Salvo, a modular 12 gauge suppressor. Then came the Maxim integrally-suppressed 9mm pistol. The Maxim 50 silenced muzzleloader. The Chimera, Octane, Sparrow, Omega, Saker, Harvester, Osprey, Warlock, the list goes on.

I spoke to company founder Josh Waldron in 2016, when SiCo was pushing out a staggering 10,000 suppressors of all kinds every month. In the business of suppressors, that is Glock-like numbers. Back then, everything seemed like it was roses.

Then came the elusive promise of the Hearing Protection Act, the change in Rule 41F which triggered a melt-down for those buying with trusts, and the change in White House administrations with the resulting “Trump slump” in gun sales– all of which chilled new suppressor sales a bit. This triggered smaller silencer companies to go belly up, others to get bought out (e.g. S&W picked up Gemtech) and layoffs at SiCo, along with Waldron’s stepping down as the head banana.

So even with the bad news in the suppressor industry the past two years, it is great that things are looking up– and SiCo is still debuting good new stuff.

I give you the sub-$500 Switchback.

Both of these cans are the Switchback…

Following up on past success with modular suppressors, such as the Salvo, the Switchback can be configured in three different lengths, ranging from 2.5- to 5.75-inches, with corresponding performance.

The Switchback is modular and user-configurable.

In its most optimized configuration, a company whitepaper lists the suppressor as delivering an average of 108 dB sound report while mounted on a rifle using standard testing methods. Even in its shortest 3.2-ounce stack, the suppressor is hearing-safe when mounted to a 16-inch barrel.

Which is mad quiet.

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