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Canadian U-Boat Ensign Preserved

U-889 in U.S. service before she was scuttled. The Navy was very interested in her snorkel, as numerous images of it are in the archives. However, before she flew a U.S. flag, and after she flew a German one, she wore an RCN ensign. NH 111270

We covered the saga of Canadian-flagged U-Boats in 1945 in a past Warship Wednesday, so this is an interesting development.

Via The Lookout:

HMCS U 889’s ensign being handed over. Photo by Peter Mallett, Lookout Newspaper

A white ensign, once flown atop a captured German U-boat, has been returned to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

Second World War veteran Able Seaman Bob Haden of Victoria had kept the ensign as a war trophy for more than 75 years. The ensign was hoisted a top former German U-boat 889 following its surrender in May 1945, becoming HMCS U-889.

On Sept. 13, at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 91 in Langford, the 97-year-old presented the ensign as a gift to the Commander Canadian Submarine Force, Captain (Naval) Jean Stéphane Ouellet, and his Chief, CPO1 Paddy McGuire.

“This is truly amazing,” said Capt(N) Ouellet while graciously accepting the flag. “Thank you very much. I promise you we will take great care of it.”

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