Shot Placement With 22 EDC Pistols

For those of us that shy away from medium and large frame handguns for our everyday carry, we have our own set of problems. Namely, by choosing a small caliber ‘mouse gun’ we are forced to make our rounds count.

There are several different reasons to carry a small caliber, compact firearm. Some of us, especially if suffering from repetitive
stress injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or just carrying many years around with em, cannot comfortably handle the recoil of a large caliber firearm. In addition, firearm size concerns are another common reason for carrying so called ‘pipsqueak’ .22 caliber pistols. There are an entire line of very small (pocket sized) guns like the NAA Mini-Revolver, various Derringers, and the Beretta Tomcat/Bobcat/Minx series that offer options that go even smaller than a subcompact Baby Glock or LCP. Being smaller, they are able to hide in a much more varied array of clothing choices.

But you have to come correct with your shot placement…

beretta m21 22 edc shot placement
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