35 Years of 9mm Glocky transformation

The good folks over in Smyrna, Georgia have finally caught up to the pack that has been led by Ruger, Kahr, S&W, and Springfield Armory to produce a concealed carry piece that everyone has been wanting– the Glock 43.

(This is how your standard Glock 9mm started off about 35 years ago– they’ve come a long way)

Back in the early 1980s, Gaston Glock introduced his revolutionary Pistole 80 for the review on a contract for new handguns for the Austrian Army. Beating out longtime supplier Steyr, Glock’s new gun was a polymer framed 9mm striker fired pistol with a double stack mag that held an impressive 17 rounds. After the Austrian military said, “Ja” on the new gun, Glock started to export these gems to the U.S. as the Glock 17– and the rest in history.

But you see in the past decade or so, while Glock was making millions of excellent duty guns, the other makers crept in and catered to those who wanted a decent concealed carry gun that was the holy grail of being slim and compact enough to where it was almost unnoticeable in every day carry while wearing normal clothes– while still having a large enough round to give a lot of confidence in.

Well this week, it looks like Glock decided to deliver an answer to those competitors.

Things change...

Things change…

The rest in my column at Firearms Talk

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