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My Current Carry

For the past several months, I have spent a lot of time testing and evaluating a number of small pistols intended for concealed carry and have done the worst thing possible– fallen in love with one.

My typical go-to EDC for the past 15 years has either been a Glock G19 (3rd Gen, or G19X) or an S&W M&P M2.0 Compact, augmented by or substituted with a J-frame or G43. However, after going 1K rounds with the new FN 503, I am increasingly substituting the snubby/tiny Glock for this thin little 9mm.

The FN 503, left, is just a hair smaller than the Glock 43, right, while having the same magazine capacity, steel sights, and a better trigger.

More on my journey with the FN 503 in my column at Guns.com. 

Going the Distance with FN’s New Baby

The original pocket Browning (FN) was a slim, six-shot .25ACP blowback-operated handgun that weighed about 13-ounces and used a rear grip safety much like the one later seen on his M1911. This early Browning grew into the Colt 1908 Vest Pocket and a slightly modified variant was sold by FN in Belgium as the Model 1905 for decades.

That’s where Belgian small arms guru Dieudonné Saive (who later finished the Browning Hi-Power and designed the FN-49 and FAL) came in.

Working with the original Model 1905 as a baseline, Saive dropped the grip safety in favor of a manual thumb-operated safety lock that doubled as a hold-open. Lighter, weighing just over 9-ounces while still being an all-steel pistol, the gun was sold from 1931 onward as the Baby Browning.

The Browning Baby was a half-inch shorter than the FN M1905 or Colt Vest Pocket and 4-ounces lighter, while still being a 6+1 shot .25ACP. (Photo: Richard Taylor/Guns.com)

Out of production since 1983, FN has since moved on to polymer-framed double-stack 9mm pistols that were a good bit larger. However, their new FN 503, the company’s smallest and slimmest gun since the Baby line ended, came out in March and I have been burning one up as of late.

The new FN 503 pistol is a 6+1 9mm that has a 3.1-inch barrel with recessed target crown which contributes to a 5.9-inch overall length. Some 4.6-inches high, the gun is slim– with a width of 1.1-inches overall.

A big baby, but a more mighty one for sure.

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Meet FN’s smallest pistol in 40 years

Once upon a time, Fabrique Nationale was known for making the smallest, most compact handguns on the market. These included John Browning’s Mle 1900, Mle 1906 Vest Pocket (which predated his Vest Pocket for Colt by two years), Mle 1910, and the Browning Baby.

Fast forward to the 1980s and all of those classic designs were put to bed.

To fill this hole in their catalog in recent years, full-size polymer-framed double-stacks like the FNS and FN 509 have been chopped down to more compact designs, but they were still pretty chonky compared to Mr. Browning’s early guns.

Well, earlier this year FN launched the FN 503, a slim, 6+1 shot single-stack 9mm that is the company’s smallest handgun in generations.

Well hello there…

Separated by 110 years, today’s FN 503 compares well in size to Mr. Browning’s FN 1910 but comes in 9mm rather than .380 and has much better ergonomics and sights.

I’ve been playing around with it for the past couple of months, and have the details in my column at Guns.com.

35 Years of 9mm Glocky transformation

The good folks over in Smyrna, Georgia have finally caught up to the pack that has been led by Ruger, Kahr, S&W, and Springfield Armory to produce a concealed carry piece that everyone has been wanting– the Glock 43.

(This is how your standard Glock 9mm started off about 35 years ago– they’ve come a long way)

Back in the early 1980s, Gaston Glock introduced his revolutionary Pistole 80 for the review on a contract for new handguns for the Austrian Army. Beating out longtime supplier Steyr, Glock’s new gun was a polymer framed 9mm striker fired pistol with a double stack mag that held an impressive 17 rounds. After the Austrian military said, “Ja” on the new gun, Glock started to export these gems to the U.S. as the Glock 17– and the rest in history.

But you see in the past decade or so, while Glock was making millions of excellent duty guns, the other makers crept in and catered to those who wanted a decent concealed carry gun that was the holy grail of being slim and compact enough to where it was almost unnoticeable in every day carry while wearing normal clothes– while still having a large enough round to give a lot of confidence in.

Well this week, it looks like Glock decided to deliver an answer to those competitors.

Things change...

Things change…

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Early (and often) confirmation that Glock 43 is not a rumor

As we covered last week, there have been mounting buzz that Glock was set to intro a new subcompact handgun, specifically a 9mm single stack that some were dubbing the G43. Well it looks like it is not a rumor.

And once the first legit gun mag said it was out there, by noon all the rest jumped on the dogpile…

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