IKE’s MARDET’s sidearms

Until 1998, platoon-sized Marine detachments were standard on deploying battleships and carriers (as well as cruisers and even some small gunboats through WWII). These dets served various administrative duties (door guards for the skipper and afloat admirals, honor guards for port visits) as well as a legitimate military purpose (TRAP, “special munition” guard, ship defense et.al).

Below are some 1988 images of the MARDET of the USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN 69), then in the 6th Fleet on a Mediterranean Sea cruise, working up with their WWII vintage M1911 .45-caliber pistols in their berthing space aboard the ship.

Dig those bright green woodland BDU cammies.

Photo by PH3 Gregory A.Pinkley/National Archives 6450632

Photo by PH3 Gregory A.Pinkley/National Archives 6450632

In the same set is this August 1985 image of 1SG Holmes– wearing starched ERDL leaf pattern jungle fatigues– preparing to fire a (personally owned?) Browning Hi Power from Ike’s fantail. Now that‘s unusual.


Note the shotgun in the background.

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