S&W’s M1917: Packing up to head to Uncle’s house

The Smith & Wesson Model of 1917 was a beauty.

Popular and easy to use, they equipped military police, officers and the like as the U.S. Army girded for the Great War. The six-shot M1917 used “half moon clips” to hold the rimless cartridges. Weighing in at 36-ounces, it was very close to the same weight as the Colt 1911, which held one round less; was considered by some to be more accurate with a slightly longer barrel/sight picture; and reliable as any Smith & Wesson revolver. Best of all, it could be placed into production immediately.

Want to see how they were packed?

Head on over to my column at Guns.com for the magic.

One comment

  • “. . . [I]t was very close to the same weight of the Colt 1911, which held one round less . . .” The way this sentence reads, the 1911 held one less round, when in fact the 1917 did.
    These are fun guns to shoot, and you can shoot .45 ACP without the moon clips, if you have a pencil to push the empties out with. But it’s still fun, and a piece of history, besides.

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