Bringing a rifle to a sword fight

Matt Easton with Scholagladiatoria covers military bayonet/rifle fencing equipment that was common from about the 1850s through the 1930s, with, naturally, an emphasis on British kit.

You had to be a serious Tommy to suit up in one of these outfits back in the day.

British fencing musket as a properly-mustached sergeant looks on

The French also used much the same kit, as seen with this Pouli using his Berthier rifle in a fencing duel against a gendarme

The more slappy and less complicated U.S. M1912 Fencing Bayonet, for use with the M1903 Springfield

Of course, you can’t talk about British Tommies and bayonets without the mandatory mentioning of the venerable Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army fame.

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