You Gotta Love LE Trade in 38s

As part of the gig I have, I get to see lots of interesting guns come through the GDC Vault including a legit Semmerling, a GyroJet, and old-school Pasadena-marked Auto Mag, a VP70, and a myriad of rare martial guns (Norwegian M1914s, Union Switches, Rock O-Las, Vz33s, et. a).

But it is guns like these that get my attention as they bring back memories of times when I used to be clad in polyester from head to foot and learned the intricacies of PR-24s, speedloaders, and dump pouches:

We just got like 40 old S&W Model 64-1/64-2/64-3s, all police trade-ins from what appears to be the East Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Sheriff’s Office. You can almost smell the Tony Cha-Cha

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