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Heard a story about 800 surplus K-frames

Long a staple of police and security use, surplus stainless steel Smith & Wesson medium-sized duty revolvers still have a lot of life left.

The S&W K-frame was the standard police-issue “service revolver” for just about every law enforcement agency in the 1970s and 80s, and have continued to clock in for use in corrections and security roles to this day. Dating back to the early side-ejector designs of the 1900s, these six-shooters were dependable for both military and police work – which led to the model’s early designation.

I carried a K-frame S&W 60-series for years, back in the days of full mustaches, PR-24s, speedloaders, and dump pouches. Oh yeah, baby.

Over 6 million K-frames have been produced.

And I saw in the warehouse where Guns.com just rec’d over 800 police trade-in Model 64s (38s) and 65s (357s) in a variety of generations (64-5, 64-8, 65-4, 65-5, 65-6, 65-7, and 65-8) made between 1988 to 2008-ish.

Don’t count these old troopers out, as they still ring true for a relaxing day on the range and can serve self-defense uses for generations to come. Just saying.

You Gotta Love LE Trade in 38s

As part of the gig I have, I get to see lots of interesting guns come through the GDC Vault including a legit Semmerling, a GyroJet, and old-school Pasadena-marked Auto Mag, a VP70, and a myriad of rare martial guns (Norwegian M1914s, Union Switches, Rock O-Las, Vz33s, et. a).

But it is guns like these that get my attention as they bring back memories of times when I used to be clad in polyester from head to foot and learned the intricacies of PR-24s, speedloaders, and dump pouches:

We just got like 40 old S&W Model 64-1/64-2/64-3s, all police trade-ins from what appears to be the East Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Sheriff’s Office. You can almost smell the Tony Cha-Cha

More in my column at Guns.com.