Thunderchiefs and Skyhawk

It just doesn’t get much prettier than this.

Official caption: “Three Republic F-105B Thunderchief aircraft from the 508th Tactical Fighter Group, U.S. Air Force Reserve, and two U.S. Navy McDonnell Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk aircraft from Fleet Composite Squadron VC-1 flying in formation off Oahu, Hawaii (USA), on 25 January 1978.”

Source U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-82-02245 Author PH3 (AC) T.J. PFRANG. Via the National Archives.

Of note, both types saw extensive service in Vietnam with their respective branches, taking heavy losses in both cases. The photo was close to their swan song, as they were both set for imminent retirement. 

One comment

  • amazing to see B models still being used in the late 70s – was living in Fort Worth around then working as an engineer at what was then GDFW in the F-15 Propulsion Group. Carswell was at the time home of a wing of black belly B-52Ds and a AFRES squardron flying T-Stick II F-105Ds so quite fun to watch their operations with our F-16 test flights in between. Still remember driving down Alta Mere Dr. (which was lined up with the base’s main runway) and feeling the approach of a B-52D and then looking up at its black belly as it flew over with gear and flaps hanging out on final.

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