USCG Legacy in the Ukrainian Navy

Ukraine inherited a lot of assets from the old Soviet Black Sea Fleet in 1992 including the lion’s share of the personnel, armaments, and coastal facilities of the famed organization. However, over the course of two decades of continued neglect and atrophy, the once-mighty Fleet by 2014 largely just consisted on paper and, what still existed then largely was either captured/surrendered to the Russians or was destroyed in conjunction with the Russian seizure of Crimea, the hub of the old Black Sea Fleet and the modern Ukrainian Navy.

Since 2014, the Ukrainians have tried to rebuild, with the old commercial seaport of Odesa its primary base. This has included a little help from Washington in the form of five retired old former 110-foot U.S. Coast Guard Island-class patrol boats.

These guys:

*P190 Sloviansk, ex-USCGC Cushing (WPB-1321)
*P191 Starobilsk, ex-USCGC Drummond (WPB-1323)
*P192 Sumym ex- USCGC Ocracoke (WPB-1307)
*P193 Fastiv, ex-USCGC Washington (WPB-1331)
*P194 Vyacheslav Kubrak, ex-USCGC Kiska (WPB-1336)

The first two were transferred and delivered to Ukraine in 2019 after training 34 crewmen across 10-weeks to man them and the second two were shipped to the country last December after their crews were likewise trained at the USCG Yard. Kiska/Kubrak was set to be delivered in January 2022, but I am not sure that happened. The plan is to send them as many as seven Islands, or at least that was the plan.

Armed with a single Mk 38 Mod 0 Bushmaster forward and two M2HBs, they dropped their coast guard flash and gleaming white paint for a more utilitarian haze grey in Ukrainian service.

P191 Starobilsk, ex-USCGC Drummond (WPB-1323), seen exercising with US destroyer USS Roosevelt (DDG80) in the Black Sea 29 Sept 2020

As the largest ship of the Ukrainian fleet, the Nerei/Krivak III/Menzhinskiy-class frigate Hetman Sahaidachny (F130), is widely reported to have been scuttled by her crew at Nikolayev last week, things don’t look good for the old Islands.

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