Is that a Reising in a matching Frogskin jump case? I think so…

Warpath Military Collectibles in Fayetteville, North Carolina has this absolutely amazing Harrington & Richardson Arms Inc WWII USMC Paramarine Model 55 Reising SMG with its “Frogskin” camouflage padded jump case.

I’ve always been a fan of the Reising as the humble carbine saw extensive service both in its SMG and semi-auto formats not only with the Marines but also with the Navy and Coast Guard.

Reisings in USMC service during WWII: Marine Navajo Code Talkers with one of the SMGs front and center, Marine Sgt. Michael Strank with an M55 at the ready, and a Marine guard at FDR’s Shangri-La retreat– now Camp David– with a slung M50.

No word on how much WMC wants for theirs as they don’t have it listed yet apparently (just teased), but they have my attention.

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