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What your average Tommy DMR looks like

Photos via British MoD

Photos via British MoD

Here we see the British Army’s L129A1 service rifle, sniper, better known on this side of the pond as an LMT LM308MWS. The Brits bought 3,000 of these bad boys in 2014 and are known for a sub-MOA group at 800m with match 7.62x51mm NATO ammo, which is not bad out of a 16-inch barrel. The basic optic is the Trijicon 6×48 ACOG. Also shown are the standard SA80/L-85 Enfield bayonet (note the wirecutter sheath in the top left), and the MilSight S135 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS).

Not pictured is the L17A2 Schmidt & Bender 3-12 × 50 Sniper Scope for long distance work and the SureFire SOCOM762-RC husha can for when you want to spend some quiet moments in the hills looking for ISIS-types. Weight all up (with the ACOG) is 11-pounds, if carrying other sights or the can, this jumps, as does adding a bipod or scrim. She takes regular AR-10 style mags, which you will notice that the Brits use PMAGs (doesn’t everyone).

What she looks like with her shit together

With the U.S. Army looking for a new commercial-off-the-shelf Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR) in 7.62x51mm, you better believe guns like the LMT 308MWS are being looked at.

Position Sul

You are moving through your home or business responding to a threat. In narrow hallways and door-frames, you pass through with your handgun in a low ready position. Where is your muzzle? Remember on the range that you always keep your handgun in a safe direction downrange. However what is ‘down range’ in a personal defense situation? Do you have the muzzle pointed to the sky in the old-school Cagnie and Lacy/TJ Hooker imitation? Do you have it pointed out directly in front? What if the bad guy is waiting just on the other side of the door-frame to make a grab for your pistol?…..Position Sul can be the answer to this….(at my column in Firearms Talk.com)

1100-mile Kill/Capture Drill

11 March 2012 Amphibious Reconnaissance Marines, Force Reconnaissance Marines and infantry Marines of Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, all from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, conduct a long distance raid from the deck of the USS Essex to Camp Fuji. The raid covered 1,100 miles one way, and involved the mock capture of a high value target. (And no, its not Mos Eisely)

Now 1100-miles is one heck of a littoral….