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Camo Frog Frogs

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Commando Hubert diver submerged with skrim camouflage and an EOTECH outfitted SIG 550 series rifle. Commando Hubert is a combat swimmer unit assigned to the French Navy’s COFUSCO. Of the five Naval Commando units of the French Navy, Hubert is the dedicated frogman group. The unit is tasked with conducting maritime special operations in support of the French Navy and intelligence services, primarily the DGSE (the French foreign intelligence directorate).

Currently Commando Hubert is composed of 80 men divided into two companies. The first company consists of 50 men and is subdivided into four sections designated A, B, C, and D.

A section is the command and support section. It contains the unit HQ, and the units Hurricane RIBs.

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B section is the maritime counter terrorism (CT) section. The unit specializes in conducting underwater approaches to terrorist targets. They conduct joint operations with the Navy’s GCMC and GIGN’s diver section. In the event an assault was ordered on a target at sea, B section divers would act as guides for the GIGN team.

C section is the SDV section. The divers of this section receive additional training in the use of SDV’s and their maintenance.

D section contains the units snipers and heavy weapons experts. The section is responsible for performing beach reconnaissance, shipping attacks,underwater demolition operations, providing heavy fire support, and testing new equipment for use by the unit. All members of D section are both HAHO and HALO qualified.

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Although there have always been lots of jokes about the French military (hey, they were the first army we ever beat, back in the French and Indian War), Hubert divers are as hard as coffin nails. They are constantly out there, unseen in the worst places, and have been in near-constant warfare since 1941.