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SMS Emden survivors, from beyond the grave

The Australian War Memorial this week posted this excellent round table studio interview filmed in Ausburg, Germany in the 1950s with three direct survivors and son of a serving officer of the German Light cruiser SMS Emden. The interview was conducted in English and concerns the parts played by the interviewees in the naval battle with the cruiser HMAS Sydney at Cocos Island on 9 November 1914.

The survivors are Petty Officer Hans Hahns age 72, Able Seaman Arthur Werner age 72, Captain Erich Prekenschau and Prince Meinrad of Hohenzollern son of Prince Franz Joseph of Hohnezollern (1891-1964) who was one of the Emden’s serving officers (Prince Franz Joseph had died a few weeks before the interview was filmed).

German raider, SMS Emden is sunk by Australian Cruiser, HMAS Sydney