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Colt brings back a Baby Snake

Colt had a new revolver at NRAAM last weekend. A “King Cobra” Target model that looks and feels a lot like a .38/.357 but is actually a 10-shot 22LR.

The King Cobra Target 22 LR is crafted from forged stainless steel construction with a one-piece barrel topped with an adjustable target rear sight and fiber optic front sight. It comes standard with Hogue overmolded rubber grips and is available with 4-inch and 6-inch barrel lengths, both featuring a 1:16RH twist.

Of course, it could have just been called the Diamondback.

While the current King Cobra series, reincarnated in 2019, hit the market as a 6-Shot .357 Magnum big brother of the new line of Cobra wheel guns, the new King Cobra Target .22LR is a return to the company offering double-action rimfire revolvers. Not the first rimfire “snake” gun– Colt marketed the original circa 1950s first issue Cobra in .22LR and made a .22LR Diamondback into the early 1990s– the new Baby Snake fills a hole the company had in its catalog, and by extension is a first for CZ as well.

This 1985-production Diamondback is a 6-inch .22LR model. Surely, it would have been easier and better for Colt to reboot this name than to call the new model a King Cobra of all things…

MSRP on the new King Cobra Target .22LR models is $999. When compared to other DA/SA rimfire revolvers, this is on par with the S&W 63 and 617.

The El Presidente Drill

Multiple armed assailants? Tactical reloads? Reflexive shooting? Rapid follow up shots? There is a classic handgun drill that helps hone all of these: The El Presidente

Imminent gun guru and master pistolero Lt.Colonel Jeff Cooper, USMC, developed this drill personally to gauge the skill of handgun shooters. He taught the drill at his American Pistol Institute in the late 1970s alongside other classics such as the Mozambique Drill. Working on the premise of firing at multiple targets, it included a rapid (and timed) reload and follow up shots. Since then it has become a standard drill often taught in security and law enforcement circles as well as to military and other tactical shooters. For decades, it has been used and speed raced in IPSC matches and USPSA events in gun clubs across the continent….(Find out more here)