Old Warrior Sailing Away

The Mohawk is inching towards her final resting place. The battered old coast guard cutter that LSOZI covered as a Warship Wednesday entry is on her last legs.

With no more money to keep the elderly 70+ year old ship around, she is being sunk as a reef in the next few days. The nonprofit museum that owned her donated the Mohawk to Lee County because it couldn’t afford the $400,000 needed to overhaul it. The ship has not been dry-docked since 1984 and is in rough condition below the waterline.

A USCG honor guard from her great niece, the current 270′ WMEC USCGC Mohawk received her colors and are caring for them.
She was involved in 14 attacks against German U-Boats.

• Her crew rescued 293 survivors from the U.S. Army Transport Chatham on

Aug. 27, 1942, and 25 survivors from the British freighter Barberry on Nov. 22, 1942, both of which had been torpedoed by German submarines.

• Acting as a weather ship in the North Atlantic, she was the last vessel to radio Gen. Dwight Eisenhower the weather would be clear enough to launch the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944.

The local media is giving her some attention but overall her sendoff is sad and lonely.

I guess we are all alone in the end.

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