Laying Down the LAW

The tank changed warfare for good in the tail end of World War One. Since then, man has devised tank killers to help rid the battlefield of these up-armored war engines. First came anti-tank rifles like the .55 Boys, followed by the Bazooka of WWII. By the 1960s, these were both obsolete and the US Army was looking for something new. They laid down the LAW.

Officially, the weapon is known as the M72; however, its nickname comes from the project to create a Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW). Adopted in 1963 the LAW replaced the dedicated two-man Bazooka teams used since 1943 with a weapon that was passed out liberally around the platoon to individual soldiers. Carried as an accessory and not as a primary weapon, your average grunt could pack one or two of the 5.5-pound, 25- inch overall (in traveling configuration) weapons around with him everywhere. When an enemy tank rattled into view, aforementioned Joe could unsling his LAW, extend it, take aim, and pop an armor-penetrating
round into the beast. A modern David v Goliath.

Read the rest in my column at Firearms Talk 

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