Green Mountain returns to the Naval List after 100-year hiatus

Below we see USS Vermont, (Battleship # 20), giving her impression of a submarine while underway in heavy seas, circa 1907-1909, possibly during the famous cruise round-the-world sortie of the Great White Fleet.

From the album of Francis Sargent; Courtesy of Commander John Condon, 1986. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. NH 101072

Two historic warships have been named in honor of the Green Mountain State, with the first being a 74-gun warship authorized by Congress in 1816, and the second the above-referenced Connecticut-class pre-dreadnought battleship (BB 20).
Decommissioned in June 1920 after 13 years of service which included not only the Great White Fleet cruise but also the Mexican intervention and the Great War, Battleship No. 20 was stricken and sold for scrap in November 1923 according to the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty.
Now, after a century without a “Vermont” in the fleet, a brand-new Virginia-class attack submarine (SSN 792) was commissioned over the weekend.

On Friday, April 17, Electric Boat delivered Vermont (SSN 792) to the U.S. Navy. Vermont Ship’s manager Tanner Glantz (right) hand s the ceremonial ship’s key to Cmdr. Chas Phillips. (Photo: Electric Boat)

“This warship carries on a proud Vermont legacy in naval warfare and unyielding determination stretching back to the birth of our nation,” VADM Daryl Caudle, commander, Submarine Forces, said. “To her crew, congratulations on completing the arduous readiness training to enter sea trials and prepare this ship for battle. I am proud to serve with each of you! Stand ready to defend our nation wherever we are threatened – honoring your motto – FREEDOM AND UNITY. May God bless our Submarine Force, the people of Vermont, and our families! From the depths, we strike!”

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