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Barbarossa at 80

Some eight decades have passed since what is arguably the largest land invasion in modern times kicked off,
Unternehmen Barbarossa, pitting 3.8 million German, Hungarian, Italian, Finnish, Slovak, and Romanian troops against the scandalously unexpecting Soviet legions of Generalissimo Stalin.

German soldiers crossing Soviet border post ,June 22, 1941, Barbarossa

Safronov Viktor Alekseevich (b. 1932.) – June 22, the border

Red Army anti-tank gun crew wiped out. “They fought for Homeland.”  By G. M. Zykov

Although the wave would eventually break on the outskirts of Moscow– even Napolean had at least captured the vacated Kremlin some 120 years prior– the war on the Eastern Front was far from over and would claim millions on both sides.

Today, Barbarossa is seen through the lens of a myriad of conflicting issues even today in Germany.

Meanwhile, the Russians have a view that nothing is forgiven, or forgotten. 

78 Years Ago: Ivan’s Field Expedient Stock Repair

A Finnish alikersantti looks quizzically at his new trophy rifle, a Soviet M91/30 Mosin whose rifle stock has been replaced by two pieces of plywood nailed together on a wooden block, 10 March 1942, Lahdenpohja, Finland, during the Continuation War. Also, note the “dog collar” sling attachment has been swapped out for what looks like a piece of leather.

Meh, it probably still works, though.

Photo via SA-Kuva.fi

The Russians never throw anything away

You know the 100th anniversary this month of the “glorious Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army” would showcase a bunch of vintage Soviet hardware, still in remarkable condition. The Russian Ministry of Defense has been releasing a bunch of images a military parade in Severomorsk in honor of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Red Army.

Severomorsk is a small town in the frozen Kola Peninsula near the main base of the Red Banner Northern Fleet, and, according to Izvestia, the state-run news organ, those participating were active soldiers and sailors from the local base’s units marching on the orders of one Admiral Nikolai Evmenov and not a group of reenactors. Makes you wonder what is in storage elsewhere in the Motherland!

More in my column at Guns.com.

‘Wasteland’ Mosin-Nagant rifles all the rage in some circles

Many firearms are popular and have been seen often in world history. Some are iconic like the AK47 or M1 Garand. Some are legends in foolishness like the Chauchat. Some, like the 1911, are remembered for their simple effectiveness. The Mosin-Nagant falls into this latter category.

Produced in figures of no less than 48 million by at least a dozen countries from 1891 through 1973 (and still made by Molot and Zastava as commercial hunting rifles today) the Mosin-Nagant rifle was robust, accurate, and reliable. The Mosin was the bread and butter of the Russian and later Soviet Armies until 1947, fighting in the Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese War, Russo-Polish War, Finnish Winter War, Russian Revolution and Civil War, as well as both World Wars. It then started a second life around the world in the hands of Warsaw Bloc proxies from Spain, North Korea, and Vietnam to Nicaragua and Grenada. It is still found in almost every third world country’s arsenals to this day. For a design that is 126-years old and predates the Ford Model T by a generation, that’s not too shabby.

With so many out there, for sure some are very collectible such as some Finn variants, early Tsarist models in their original condition, and others. Then, there are millions of non-collectible, well-used examples that have been steadily turned into Archangel-stocked target rifles, obrez cutoffs, camp guns, “truck guns” and others.

Here are a couple of “wasteland” models that I’ve come across lately.

As noted by the maker, “It was a Russian that was nearly destroyed but still shot straight. Stock was from a Chinese T53 and bailing wire, nails and a sling made from a blanket strip.”

Then there is this creative Mosin SBR fire-breathing dragon blaster made by Polniy Pesetc‎ overseas.

Overall, interesting concept, and as long as it isn’t a collectible/rare M.91, I say go for it.

Recent gun pr0n I’ve run across lately

In the course of my work at Guns.com I see any number of neat-o guns and ran across these two recently that I thought I would share.

The first is the “Frankenmark” used by Vlogger 22Plinkster.

Browning buckmark Tactical Solutions Trail-Lite threaded 5.5-inch barrel Tandemkross Victory trigger and Halo slide system Trijicon SilencerCo Sparrow 22plink

Click to big up 1920×1080

It’s a Browning Buckmark with a Tactical Solutions Trail-Lite threaded 5.5-inch barrel, Tandemkross Victory trigger and Halo slide system topped with a Trijicon RMR and en-quieted with a SilencerCo Sparrow screw on can. For those special occasions like when you have to shoot through the open center of a Girl Scout Samoan cookie to split the card on the other side without touching the cookie

Then there is the Fugly Mosin SBR as made by Vlogger IV8888.

mosin sbr with 10 inch barrel AAC 7.62-SDN-6 suppressor Vortex Sparc II optic set up scout rifle style iv8888

An Obrez with a little reach…

The M91/30 Mosin mashup includes a Vortex Sparc II optic set up scout rifle style (and yes, it still takes stripper clips), a custom rear grip/stock, and hushup via a AAC 7.62-SDN-6 suppressor and special 7.62x54R subsonic rounds, for those special occasions when you need a backpack-sized rifle to take 100 yard shots.