Frozen Chosin at 70

Take a minute sometime in the next couple of weeks to remember the Marines– along with Navy Corpsmen and U.S. Army troops— who were trapped in what could be called the Chosin Pocket along the Changjin Reservoir in North Korea.

But today, we do not remember the Chosin as a pocket that was surrounded and reduced, because, well, the Marines “attacked in another direction” and broke the hell out.

“First Division Leathernecks Counter Fire with Fire When Attacked by Well Entrenched Chinese Reds During the Division’s Heroic Breakout from Chosin.” 7 December 1950. Note the WWII tropical “frogskin” camo, of little use in Korea in winter, along with an M1919 LMG and an M1903 Springfield, the latter likely a sniper rifle Marine Photo 127-N-A5434, taken by Sgt. F. C. Kerr, via NARA 

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