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The 1911 and the New York Reload, a tale of a hard week

If you are a 1911-lover, odds are you have had two of these longslide .45ACP beasts hanging around the house at one time of another. Now let us go the next step and ask if you carry at least one of these aforementioned 1911s around with you from time to time out in the world. If you do, why stop at one? I tried it out for a week.

To put it country-simple, the New York Reload is a second (or third, or fourth) loaded handgun, ready to fire as soon as it is presented. If the first handgun is empty, jammed, or stripped away, the second one can be rotated forward like a shark’s teeth and brought into action. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a solid tactic with a solid history. Gunslingers, soldiers, law officers, and those who just wanted to make it home alive have long carried multiple weapons and trained to transition back and forth between them.

The term gets its name from the old 1970s New York Police Department’s Street Crime Unit. Better known as SCU, the 60 or so members of the unit used advanced tactics for the first time including disguised officers trolling for muggers, and plainclothes intelligence units covertly shadowing suspects. The officers of this unit made as many as 8,000 arrests per year in some of the most dangerous circumstances imaginable.

Now the standard issue .38s of the day was slow to reload– this was before there were speed strips, and HKS speed loaders to help. Therefore, the fastest reload, if you went dry on your six-shooter, was another gun. Hence, many of these NYPD coppers in drag chose to carry a second .38 so that they could abracadabra it when needed.

Well, I tried it on for size for a week, only with a pair of 1911s and it kinda sucked.

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two springfield 1911s

Shot Placement With 22 EDC Pistols

For those of us that shy away from medium and large frame handguns for our everyday carry, we have our own set of problems. Namely, by choosing a small caliber ‘mouse gun’ we are forced to make our rounds count.

There are several different reasons to carry a small caliber, compact firearm. Some of us, especially if suffering from repetitive
stress injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritis, or just carrying many years around with em, cannot comfortably handle the recoil of a large caliber firearm. In addition, firearm size concerns are another common reason for carrying so called ‘pipsqueak’ .22 caliber pistols. There are an entire line of very small (pocket sized) guns like the NAA Mini-Revolver, various Derringers, and the Beretta Tomcat/Bobcat/Minx series that offer options that go even smaller than a subcompact Baby Glock or LCP. Being smaller, they are able to hide in a much more varied array of clothing choices.

But you have to come correct with your shot placement…

beretta m21 22 edc shot placement
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Situational Awareness Get Some

Most people are unaware as they go about their daily life. They are preoccupied with what they have to do next. They day dream as they walk like zombies, projecting themselves mentally home when they are at work and to work while they are at home. In today’s society, this is dangerous.
What is situational awareness?

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How to Tell Someone You are a CCW holder

When moving about in your daily life, you encounter many people. If you are a CCW-holder, or constitutional carry practitioner and carrier, there are a few things you should keep in mind about who and how you let people know.

If you are a concealed carry practitioner, you really should carry every day as much as possible.  Remember the first line of the Warriors Creed, “Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there.” Nevertheless, you need to be respectful of how other people perceive you and the CCW community overall because of your actions.

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There is a right way.....and a wrong way.......

The CCW Item No One thinks about

So, you are ready to begin your new dedication to exercising your 2nd Amendment rights by carrying a legally acquired handgun in a permitted CCW area. You attended the 8-40 hour long class that your state requires to carry your weapon and if not, hopefully you attended at
least an NRA basic pistol class or come from a sufficient military, security or law-enforcement background to where you have at least basic knowledge of your weapon, its operation, limitations, and retention.

You get your carefully chosen weapon, holster, and possibly a second magazine and/or speed loader and hit the road, confident of being the most heavily armed man in the produce section of your local grocery store. You have a checkmark in every box. You have everything covered, right?

Well, maybe not.

From My column at Firearms Talk

Sheriff: Its time for Citizens to arm themselves

Sherrif Chuck Wright in Spartanburg SC is advocating CCW.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff is known for speaking his mind, and at a news conference on Monday, he didn’t hold back his anger and frustration after a woman was attacked in a park over the weekend.Investigators said 46-year-old Walter Lance grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in Milliken Park on Sunday afternoon. They said Lance choked the woman, made her take off her clothing and tried to rape her. (Full Story)Lance is in custody and was denied bond on Monday.

 Sheriff Chuck Wright opened his news conference by saying, “Our form of justice is not making it.”He said, “Carry a concealed weapon. That’ll fix it.”
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