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HK Won’t so CMMG Will

Missouri-based CMMG on Tuesday announced the first firearm made for the American consumer market chambered in 4.6×30– the FourSix.

Designed originally by Heckler & Koch in the 1990s for a low-recoiling NATO Personal Defense Weapon program– competing against FN’s 5.7×28 for the same purpose– the 4.6x30mm is a rimless bottlenecked cartridge that performs well under 150 yards whose small size allows guns chambered for it to carry a lot of rounds.

Who doesn’t like a legit HK MP7? The thing is, they are unobtainium.

Fast forward 20+ years and, while both cartridges have been adopted by NATO and standardized, only the 5.7×28 has been utilized by other firearms makers (e.g., Ruger 57, Diamondback DBX57) outside of its original designer. In short, the 4.6 NATO has only been used by the select-fire (and very Post-1986) HK MP7, putting it off-limits for those without a SOT or a CAC card.

CMMG’s FourSix, offered as a short-barreled rifle with NFA strings attached as well as a pistol format– both with 8-inch barrels– are developed from the company’s Banshee Mk4 platform.

Tweaks to the Banshee needed to run the 4.6 include a patent-pending Micro Gas Block and a proprietary 40-round magazine that fits an AR-style magwell and standard mag pouches. The latter part is key as it means users can also choose to pair their existing AR15 lower receiver with a CMMG FourSix upper, when they become available. 

Out West

Sorry, I have been a little out of pocket this week, but I’ve been visiting a certain well-known suppressor and firearms maker in Utah for a few days and having a blast while doing it.

They actually let me in their gun vault. I guess they didn’t know me too well!

Who doesn’t like a legit HK MP7?

Stretching my legs with some .338LM (quietly).

Shitty wi-fi out here…

But, I can report that the SLC area has pumpkin beer, which isn’t half bad once you have three or four steins.

Perhaps this needs more research.

Anyway, I’m back home until my next adventure, so stay tuned as new products from mystery suppressor maker surface once the NDAs expire.

Those pesky German froggers. You never know where they are gonna pop up

The Kampfschwimmer units are the rough equivalent of the U.S. Navy SEALS and, as noted in a video from the German military, they really dig that Heckler & Koch.

The above spot is in German, but relax if your Deutsch ist rusty because you could fit all the dialog onto a fortune cookie strip. The gist is: innocent German citizens are in deep sauerkraut somewhere sketchy and the KSM get tasked to pull them out before bad guys with Kalashnikovs can do weird scheisse to them.

After jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, the German frogmen are taken aboard a sneaky little Type 212 diesel-electric submarine — which has a convenient compartment for combat swimmers while their gear gets passed out via 533mm torpedo tube. Then, said KSM platoon pops up silently all spec ops pimp in the shallow water offshore and moves in. That’s when you see the beauty that is tricked-out HK MP7 SMGs along with G38 and G36 rifles and other assorted goodies right from the Willy Wonka of precision steel schmidt that is Oberndorf am Neckar.

After finding the good guys, then checking their names and mother’s names, the group exfils under the cover of snipers armed with what looks like HK417s in 7.62x51mm, dusting some Eurotrash clowns in a tiny pursuit vehicle.

“Request for hot extract” is universal.

SEAL fun gun, the Heckler and Koch MP7 personal defensive weapon

Although it’s been around for going on 15 years, the MP7, with its proprietary cartridge and styling that would make it home in a Luc Besson movie, is one of the cooler room brooms out there.

Why is it a thing?

CIA intelligence coming out of Afghanistan in the 1980s found that increasing numbers of Soviet troops were wearing flak vest-style body armor thought capable of stopping or at least retarding the NATO standard 9x19mm parabellum round used in the West’s handguns (German P1, Browning Hi Power, Beretta 92, etc.) and submachine guns (Beretta M12, HK MP5, British Sterling, UZI, etc.). And to say the least, it scared them.

Therefore, NATO issued a requirement for a “Personal Defense Weapon” to replace both subguns and pistols with a compact firearm capable of penetrating a steel helmet or Warsaw Pact body armor at under 100-yard ranges for use by support types and officers. The Belgians came up with the FN90 and 5.7 Pistol while Heckler and Koch coughed up the MP7.

And its sweet enough to get some serious love from the Navy and Marines.

U.S. Marines from Alpha Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Company Europe (FASTEUR), Naval Station Rota, shoot MP-7 machine guns at the Romanian intelligence service shooting range in Bucharest, Romania, Feb. 26, 2015. FASTEUR Marines conducted small arms marksmanship training with host nation forces during an embassy engagement to familiarize both forces on weapons normally used during security operations. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Esdras Ruano/Released)

U.S. Marines from Alpha Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Company Europe (FASTEUR), Naval Station Rota, shoot MP-7 machine guns at the Romanian intelligence service shooting range in Bucharest, Romania, Feb. 26, 2015. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Esdras Ruano/Released)

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