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ARDEC 3D prints their own 40mm blooper

Produced in a joint collaboration between the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, the U.S. Army Manufacturing Technology Program and America Makes, the group used additive manufacturing techniques to craft a direct copy of the M203A1 40mm grenade launcher commonly mounted under the M16/M4 series rifles.

Every part of the weapon, save for the springs and some fasteners, was sintered in aluminum or printed in 4340 alloy steel in 35 hours of production.

Of the more than 50 parts of the M203A1, ARDEC was able to 3D print about 90 percent from scratch

The project name? RAMBO (Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance)

Andi it has even fired 3D printed grenades to prove it works.

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Armorer at Beale AFB goes over weapons procedures – M4 Carbine

2.1.2012. Air force security forces are tasked with providing the base with security and law enforcement. Airman First Class Andrew Buchanan introduces us to the airmen that provide security forces members with the weapons to defend against any threats. Senior Airman Laura Sleutel. Produced by Airman 1st Class Andrew Buchanan