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The Black Dragon back on patrol, 35 years ago today

This June 1, 1986 photo shows an aerial port beam view of a seven-vessel battleship surface action group along with five allied destroyers and frigates of the Royal Australian Navy in the Western Pacific, a sight not seen since 1969 when USS New Jersey was activated briefly for the Vietnam War.

The ships are, clockwise from front left: USS LONG BEACH (CGN-9), USS MERRILL (DD-976), HMAS SWAN (D-50), HMAS STUART (D-48), HMAS PARRAMATTA (D-46), USNS PASSUMPSIC (T-AO-107), USS WABASH (AOR-5), HMAS DERWENT (D-49), USS KIRK (FF-1087), USS THACH (FFG-43), HMAS HOBART (D-39) and USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62), at the center of them all, Photo by PH2 Orell via NARA.

A serious surface action group, circa 1986

2673 × 1729

2673 × 1729 1 July 1986, U.S. Defense Imagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-87-00354 by PH2 Orell, USN

An aerial view of the first U.S. Navy battleship battle group to deploy to the Western Pacific since the Korean War underway with Australian ships during a training exercise. The ships are, clockwise from left: USS Long Beach (CGN-9), USS Merrill (DD-976), HMAS Swan (DE 50), HMAS Stuart (DE 48), HMAS Parramatta (DE 46), USNS Passumpsic (T-AO-107), USS Wabash (AOR-5), HMAS Derwent (DE 49), USS Kirk (FF-1087), USS Thach (FFG-43), HMAS Hobart (D 39) and USS New Jersey (BB-62), center.

You know the GMGs on Thach had to feel a little emasculated with their 76mm OTO Melera maingun when compared to the nine 16 and some two dozen 5 inchers surrounding them.